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HKUST Researchers Discover Noncanonical Cleavage Mechanism in miRNA Biogenesis
Gene regulatory networks linked to honey bee colony aggression
Better search for cause of hereditary diseases
New computational method reveals noncoding genome mutation effects
MALAT1’s Role in Melanoma MAPK-Signaling Deciphered
Shaw Prize for Patrick Cramer
3 Questions: Sara Prescott on brain-body connection
Obesity and Diabetes in Pregnancy Have Consequences in Offspring
New Statistical Simulator Mimics Single-Cell & Spatial Genomics Data for Researchers
Human Pangenome Reference to Enhance Genomic Diversity Study
Johannes Gutenberg Univ Mainz gets DFG nod for R-loops biology research group
AI Training: Backward Cat Pic Recognized as Cat Pic
Insight Into Gene Regulation Process Structure
240 Mammal Genomes Reveal Human Disease Risks
Master Regulators Enable Gene Expression by Making DNA Accessible
Master Regulators Enable DNA Access for Gene Expression
Gene-Silencing Complexes Unite to Inactivate X Chromosomes
Grant Boosts Global Interdisciplinary RNA Research
Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center Researchers Win AACR Awards
Acute Myeloid Leukemia Vulnerable to Epigenetics, Study Finds
Oxford Researchers Secure €2.5M ERC Advanced Grants
Muir and MacMillan labs shed light on chromatin
Researchers Crack Splicing Positional Rules
Gut Bacterium Uses Rho Factor for Mammalian Colonization
Strategy to Improve T Cell Therapy in Solid Tumors Found
Potential Strategy to Improve T Cell Therapy in Solid Tumors
New technology maps where and how cells read their genome
UNSW Researchers Receive Top AAS Honours
Biomolecular sliding at nanoscale
Mitotic Chromosome Condensation Preserves Transcriptional Balance
Studying epigenetic regulation at single-molecule level
Histone Mark Decoded: Key to Gene Regulation in Cancer
Modeling Sheds Light on Human Brain, Disorders’ Origins
Computer Model Unveils Genes’ Role in Embryo Development
DNA stuck in gears of RNA production machine
Mosquito DNA May Unlock Gene Secrets
Mosquito’s DNA could provide clues on gene expression, regulation
Tracking Cellular Proteins with Snapshot Translation Data
KAIST Unveils Tech to Curb Lung Cancer Metastasis
MicroRNA Role in Lupus Inflammation Discovered by Scientists
80yo Medical Mystery Causing Baby Deaths Solved
DNA sequencing method lifts ‘veil’ from genome black box
Genome-Unlocking DNA Sequencing Method Revealed
Scientists Uncover Molecular Mechanism of Microprocessor in Worm
New technologies reveal cross-cutting breakdowns in Alzheimer’s disease
Breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s Research Through Tech Advances
Small RNAs Reveal Role in Salmonella Infections
Gene Regulation: Zoom Out for Big Picture View