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Antibiotics reduce survival rates in cancer patients taking immunotherapy
‘Flying fish’ robot can propel itself out of water and glide through air
Brexit study demonstrates importance of EU for UK robotic surgery research
New bacterial strain discovered in England and Wales linked to scarlet fever
Sir Michael Uren: 1923 – 2019
UK urged to lead brain-machine interface technology by Imperial-led report
First day of dinosaur extinction recorded in rocks at asteroid impact site
Imperial to widen access and increase diversity as ambitious plans launched
Young inventors turn ideas into reality in Imperial’s Maker Challenge
Protein tangles linked with dementia seen after single head injury
Putting a price on carbon pollution alone unlikely to help reach climate goals
White City plans get green light
Cholesterol-cutting gene silencing treatment shows lasting effects
Imperial academics win €11 million ERC funding
Vintage film of Antarctic glaciers hints at early ice shelf collapse
Colour-change urine test for cancer shows potential in mouse study
Researchers reveal how bacteria behind hospital infections block out antibiotics
Imperial invites local residents to get hands-on with robots
Mitsubishi invests $50m in Imperial solar power start-up
White matter affects how people respond to brain stimulation therapy
Imperial Lates returns with five new evenings of discovery
‘Surrey swarm’ earthquakes not caused by nearby oil extraction, says study
Imperial physicist weaves science and art in prize-winning story
What do ‘singing’ fish have to do with heart disease…?
Quantum computing race needs ‘global effort’, says Provost
ICR joins Imperial’s Academic Health Science Centre partnership
Clinicians discuss how leadership programme has prepared them for hospital board
Lab-based dark energy experiment narrows search options for elusive force
Dog detectives sniff out harmful bacteria causing lung infections
Study uncovers how heavy social media use disrupts girls’ mental health
What a group of bizarre-looking bats can tell us about evolution of mammals
Researcher discusses mystery of why we sleep
Scientists untangle links between our genes and intake of alcohol and of salt
Government urged to reform post-study visas
Imperial and Leiden University collaborate on world-leading AR assessment
First vaccine for chlamydia shows promise in early trials
Plants could remove six years of carbon dioxide emissions – if we protect them
Global team of scientists finish assembling next-generation dark matter detector
New hormone injection aids weight loss in obese patients
Imperial launches online course on sustainability for business professionals
Larger blood transfusions could halve deaths of children with severe anaemia
Imperial and TUM strengthen links in entrepreneurship and innovation
Imperial scientists win ERC grants for ‘blue skies’ research
Researchers build artificial cells that sense and respond to their environment
Science of cells comes to life through dance
£13m Convergence Science Centre to ‘secure future’ of people with cancer
Global scheme to cut price of expensive hepatitis drugs boosts treatment rate
Electrodes in remaining arms give amputees better control of prosthetics