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Knowledge transfer lifts Jawoyn skills capacity
Australian medtech transforms epilepsy diagnosis, FTA aids UK expansion
BioDynaMo modelling platform accelerates biological simulation and more
CERN and Airbus partnership on future clean aviation
CERN, CHUV and THERYQ join forces for world first in cancer radiotherapy
Timepix: from CERN’s galleries to Moon
Fighting cancer with LIGHT
Thirty years of TERA Foundation
European countries develop circular bioeconomy with support CEE2ACT project
Spectroscopic X-ray imaging now certified for medical use
CERN tech in space: first CERN-driven satellite has been successfully launched
GeoLaB: Future with Geothermal Energy
Uganda contributes nearly $10 million to South-South Cooperation project with FAO and China
On 27 June, discover CERN’s early-stage tech innovations to tackle environmental challenges on global scale
KT fund and MA budget: bridging gap between CERN research and society
CLIC technology for compact light sources
CERN’s CARA tool spawns valuable data on viral infection mechanisms
CERN working with WHO to improve understanding of Covid airborne transmission risk in indoor spaces
Virtual CERN created for global alumni event
Artificial intelligence helps diagnose leukemia
First European hospital receives 3D colour X-ray scanner using CERN technology
New magnets for FAIR tested at CERN
First magnets for FAIR tested at CERN
Two artworks and school event inspired by CERN at Victoria & Albert Museum in London
Phase 2 of ATTRACT launches new call for proposals
CLEAR study paves way for novel electron-based cancer therapy
How CERN intellectual property helps entrepreneurship
CERN launches Technology Impact Fund to address global challenges
Rise of radiation protection robots
£12M UK-Japan robotics deal for fusion energy and nuclear decommissioning research
Materials that matter
Rooted in society
New 3D colour X-rays made possible with CERN technology
A peek into Science Gateway’s planned content
CERN activities capture public’s interest at “Fête de la science”
Taking agri-tech skills to Africa apply for funding
Flashes of electrons against cancer
CERN technology helps rediscover lost painting by Raphael
CERN and CHUV collaborate on a pioneering new cancer radiotherapy facility
CERN laser technology used for telecommunications
CERN updates its Open Hardware Licence
How particle physics could prevent financial fraud
World’s first proton treatment of a cardiac pathology
Women scientists inspiring young girls
Medipix: Two decades of turning technology into applications
Supporting next generation of high-tech entrepreneurs
From capturing collisions to avoiding them
Cleaner cruises thanks to particle accelerators