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Novel PET Agent Effectively Detects Multiple Cancers, Identifies Patients for Targeted Therapies
Scientists make miniature ‘bone marrows in dish’ to improve anti-cancer treatments
Highly Cited Researchers 2022
Bariatric Surgery Decreases Risk of Heart Disease
Study shows that immune system holds clues to patients with high-risk smoldering myeloma likely to benefit from treatment
Big data used to identify existing drugs that could be repurposed for broader medical applications
“CAR Pooling” Screens Identify Most Effective Cancer Immunotherapy Cells
Researchers Find Treatment Options for Patients Whose Blood Cancer Relapses After CAR-T
Scientists find treatment options for patients whose blood cancer relapses after CAR-T
Pfizer’s Elranatamab Granted FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation for Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Awards & Accolades 15 October
Gut microbiome modulates CAR-T cell therapy-related responses
CAR T-Cell Therapy Targeting GPRC5D Antigen Proves Effective in First Trial
Study sheds light on precancerous ‘clonal outgrowth’ in blood cells
Study illuminates precancerous “clonal outgrowth” in blood cells
Research illuminates precancerous “clonal outgrowth” in blood cells
Iprotics Wins Venture Challenge Spring 2022
New research shows rates of obesity-related cancers quadrupled in generation
Transforming Treatment for Multiple Myeloma
Novel photon-counting CT improves myeloma bone disease detection
Researchers Report Encouraging Immunotherapy Option for Relapsed Myeloma Patients
High-yield CRISPR without viral vectors
New myeloma research centre launches at Imperial
MUSC immunology researcher receives SBIR grant to push boundaries of regulatory T-cell therapy
Covid vaccine critically important for cancer patients
For Older Patients with Blood Cancer Taking Multiple Medications, New Tool Links Use of Certain Medications to Risk of Frailty
Novel drug shows promising efficacy for patients with multiple myeloma
Scientists find link between genetic mutations and cancer treatment resistance
Stanford cancer team halts growth of multiple myeloma and diffuse large B cell lymphoma with custom molecule sBCMA-Fc V3
Strengthening immune response to cancer
Caregivers for people with multiple myeloma face mental health challenges
Researchers test drug combination as means to prevent drug resistance in cancer cells
New research identifies more effective weapon against blood cancers
NASA Administrator Joins President Biden’s Cancer Cabinet
Australians call for equitable access to new era in fighting cancer
“I’m very grateful” – Anne’s story of hope and ovarian cancer
Awards & Accolades 13 January
Researcher wins funding toward treating multiple myeloma
Australians living with blood cancer set to double: Call for support
Progress with blood cancer diagnosis