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How environmental changes affect shapes of RNA in living cells
Pre-fertilization DNA transfer to avoid mitochondrial disease inheritance appears safe
When CRISPR meets optical sensors – new born of nucleic acid sensing platform
Cousin of crop-killing bacteria mutating rapidly
Enhertu approved in US as first HER2-directed therapy for patients with previously treated HER2-mutant metastatic non-small cell
New antibiotic resistance genes identified in tuberculosis
Covid genomic recombination is uncommon but disproportionately occurs in spike protein region
UCI-led study finds computation-guided approach to suppressing cancer tumor growth
Self-pollinating plant shows rapid loss of genetic variation
Self-pollinating plant reveals rapid loss of genetic variation
Mount Sinai Awarded Three-Year Grant to Explore Therapeutic Approaches to KRAS Mutant Lung Tumors
Mutated eye offers glimpse of key protein for preventing cancer
Association Between KRAS/STK11/KEAP1 Mutations and Outcomes in POSEIDON
Heat-sensitive calcium channel gets positive feedback
Could overnight EEG studies improve care for Rett syndrome?
Researchers Refine Understanding of Fetal Hemoglobin Regulation
Phase 2 study of lung cancer gene panel testing demonstrates cytological specimens accurate
NIH first to develop 3D structure of twinkle protein
UK monkeypox case numbers begin to plateau
Genetic differentiation and diversity of Covid Omicron variant in its early outbreak
Should we be worried about our pet cats and dogs getting COVID?
Researchers find heart failure arises from mutations in numerous distinct genes
Brain mechanism underlying evolution of anxiety
Promising developments in pursuit to design pan-coronavirus vaccine
DNA recombinations are widespread in human genomes and are implicated in both development and disease
New tool uncovers ‘elegant’ mechanism responsible for antibiotic tolerance in golden staph
Taste sensors keep proteins in order in flies
New physics law could predict genetic mutations
There’s special place in Hevin for ER secretion
Novel HIV combination therapies could prevent viral escape and rebound
‘Junk’ DNA could lead to cancer by stopping copying of DNA
Scientists Identify What Makes Delta Variant Dangerous and Explain Recent Surge in Covid Infections
How gut microbes can evolve and become dangerous
Study Provides Novel Evolutionary Insights into Unisexual Reproductive Success
Study Reveals Sequence and Structural Divergence in Strawberry Mitogenomes
Researchers identify cryptic vulnerabilities in an oncoprotein that could be used
Researchers Propose Highly Effective CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Targeted Mutagenesis in Cultured Oysters
Supergenes make bizarre traits possible
TB laboratory manuals issued to support implementation of WHO-recommended diagnostics
How cells correct errors under time pressure
Gene that shapes mutation rate variation found in mice
New mechanism in regulating selective autophagy
CHOP Oncologists Recognized at 2022 ASPHO Conference
Estrogen and testosterone deficiency linked to higher rates of rotator cuff repair
Researchers Reveal Novel Role of Argonaute Proteins in Regulating Protein Quality Control
Analysis of Covid reinfection risk in South Africa finds differences among variants of concern
Antisense Therapeutics confirms ATL1102 poster presentation
New machine learning approach can predict and minimize risk of treatment-induced drug resistance