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Researcher aims to assess ripple effects of rodent disease
Israel: Origin of World’s Grapevines Discovered
Two Sides of Photoreceptors in Seed Germination Revealed
Autophagy: Self-Eating Controlled at Molecular Level
Sea-level rise drove SEA early settlers to migrate: Study
Mating causes ‘jet lag’ in female fruit flies, changing behavior
Bryophytes Show Differentiation at Molecular Level
Researchers Find Key to Rice’s Chilling Tolerance
Rice Genes for Cold Tolerance Identified by Researchers
Elucidating molecular mechanism behind development of pancreatic cancer
More than one way to build black bird
Scientific investigation into cell size attracts major funding
New stop along cellular journey of recycling organelles in plants
Sustainable fishing plan for Caribbean spiny lobsters
Scientists develop cotton whole-genome design breeding platform
It may already be too late to meet UN genetic diversity target, but new findings could guide conservation efforts
Ecologists find evidence that pet and medicine trades bring tokay geckos from across Asia into Hong Kong
Study reveals flaws in popular genetic method
Genetic rescue of Florida panthers may have had unintended consequences
Aquadro honored for contributions to population genetics
Next generation genetic evaluation
Scientists apply genetic methods to linguistics
Clues to bee health in their gut microbiome
Research reveals potential of UK Biobank to inform genetic disease research
Queen’s Birthday honours for four Academy Fellows
Research examines promises and pitfalls of evolutionary genomics
Research Completes Chloroplast Genome of Coleanthus subtilis: Protected Rare Species
SFU researchers mapping landslides that could wipe out Fraser River salmon
Genetic origins of world’s first farmers clarified
Only 10 vaquita porpoises survive, but species may not be doomed, scientists say
Only 10 vaquita porpoises survive, but species may not be doomed
Researchers highlight more equitable way to analyze DNA data from understudied groups
Research supports stronger conservation efforts Appalachians and Gulf Coast, US
Genetics affects functions of gut microbiome
Researchers find first strong genetic risk factor for disorder
Striking lane-like patterns found in bacteria populations
Study ties present-day Native American tribe to ancestors in San Francisco Bay Area
Prestigious honour for Lancaster statistician
Whole-genome sequencing finds new secrets about killer fungus
New tool assesses evolutionary risks of antibiotics
Research reveals how ovarian cancer starts in high-risk women
Securing future: genetics of reintroductions
EU plans to collaborate with TSU Center of Science and Ethics
Qatar genomics study unlocks secrets of past to help shape future of healthcare for millions
In gene tied to growth, scientists see glimmers of human history
Ancient DNA rewrites early Japanese history: modern day populations have tripartite genetic origin
Sequencing Condor Genome for Insights into Human Diversity
Frequency of incorrectly attributed paternity is lower than previously thought