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Assié-Lumumba leads Institute for African Development
Have backpack, will travel
Understanding how pandemic conditions affects individuals with mood disorders
New understanding of immune cells could help us fight infection without antibiotics
Science fiction becomes fact to create live musical performance
High use of poorly financed aged care
Speaking Citizens: New research project aims to put speech back at heart of British education
Commonly prescribed kidney medication ‘ineffective’: clinical trial
ACT contact tracing training program goes global
Health workers should be encouraged to use mobile devices for remote consultation with COVID-19 patients
AI-generated medical reports to offer accurate, timely diagnosis of COVID-19
New research shows social networks provide refugees with significant foundations for belonging
£1.4 million for genetics research on how obesity in pregnancy affects mother and baby
Investigating effects of COVID-19 on eating and exercise behaviours
Investigating effect of COVID-19 on eating and exercise behaviours
More than just ‘staying strong’: what tough times can teach us about resilience
Bureaucratic nightmare facing UK exporters on New Year’s Day
Marine conservation researchers play key role in World Ocean Week events
Carnegie Mellon Tool Automatically Turns Math Into Pictures
People more likely to accept nudges if they know how they work and how effective they are
New gut-brain link: how gut mucus could help treat brain disorders
Prime Minister has appointed Harris Bokhari and Yadvinder Malhi as Trustees of Natural History Museum
Fact sheet provides snapshot of ongoing health and economic risks caused by COVID-19 in Australia
New NHMRC Investigator Grants to safeguard brain and heart
Burnet researchers share in NHMRC grants
E-bikes could slash transport emissions and get Britons back to work
Researchers track COVID-19 isolation effects on older people’s health and wellbeing
Fighting TB with light and sound
New app will help to prevent falls in care homes
Researchers adapt and test snorkels to help stop COVID-19 spread
New website helps older people stay active at home
JCU to shore up Pacific disease defence
Monash researchers adapt and test snorkels to help stop COVID-19 spread
Shortlist announced for prestigious Tasmanian book prize
Pharmacists warn against malarial drugs as cures for coronavirus
Covid-19 reveals both a gaping hole and a silver lining in Australia’s manufacturing sector
Royal Society announces election of new Fellows 2020
Creating a sustainable future for all
Australian health and transport experts call for space for safer walking and cycling
Study shows glaucoma could be successfully treated with gene therapy
International law in times of coronavirus
Concerns raised over disability and ethical decision-making
Safe as Houses: COVID-19 underlines Australia’s housing need
Case for corona bonds
Trading retirement income for cash now: should you withdraw $20,000 from your super?
How to best quarantine yourself at home: 10 tips by virologists
Maltreated children four times more likely to miss school
Tracey Banivanua Mar Fellows appointed