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New technique captures unprecedented view of active brain
High-performance detectors to combat spies
Omomyc Mini-Protein Maintains Integrity in Tumor for 72 Hours
Queen Máxima Visits EHCI, Impressed by Photonics (in Pictures)
Early Parkinson’s Detected in Stool Samples
AtlasInvest Grants Boost Sustainable Businesses
VR Glove Enhances Metaverse with Realistic Touch Experience
New spin control method brings billion-qubit quantum chips closer
Best of Brink 2022: 10 Amazing Discoveries and Mind-Blowing Facts
Recycled gold from SIM cards can help make drugs more sustainable
UAB presents smart, sustainable and inclusive city models at Smart City Expo World Congress
New form of universal quantum computers
Visualization tool helps law enforcement identify human trafficking
Build advanced European quantum internet ecosystem
Graphene Boosts Flexible and Wearable Electronics
Junior Waratahs Sweep Queensland in Fine Start to National Championships
New spin-off Virmedex offers virtual training disguised as game in medical field
Rival Foods takes next step in developing plant-based foods
KU Leuven spin-off AstriVax raises €30 million to build vaccine platform
Apikol to develop tourism offering thanks to Canada support
4D-printed beetle that changes color when it gets wetter
EOIs for next stage of industrial growth in city
Management Measures for Newfoundland and Labrador’s Recreational Groundfish Fishery Released
New material paves way for remote-controlled medication and electronic pills
Lowering energy usage and carbon emissions of data centres
Radio waves for detection of hardware tampering
Exoskeleton device helps stroke victims regain hand function
FMP & LMU spin-off Tubulis closes €60 million Series B financing to accelerate its ADC Pipeline
FMP & LMU spin-off Tubulis closes €60 million Series B financing to accelerate its ADC Pipeline
New process enables 3D printing of small and complex components made of glass in just few minutes
500 households are warm thanks to ‘rechargeable’ iron powder
Max Planck spin-off Meshcapade wins new startup award
New spin-off in field of precision oncology: Oniria Therapeutics
New papers give fresh promise for CAR T-cell cancer immunotherapy
New spin-off Nimble Diagnostics to commercialize technology for monitoring stents and identifying heart conditions
Novel X-ray lens facilitates glimpse into nanoworld
Development of world’s first distortion-free stretchable micro-LED meta-display technology
EPFL spin-off develops protein to boost immunotherapy
Recognition of Qilimanjaro, UB spin-off
Making installed train windows permeable to mobile-phone signals
Ashurst advises HF Private Debt on financing acquisition of Sematell by PINOVA
Trees shrink during heatwaves
NTU Singapore startup Aliena deploys compact and fuel-efficient satellite engine into space
Improving quality through artificial intelligence
New software gives robots ‘human touch’
Leibniz-IZW launches spin-off “” – a scientific communication and crowdfunding platform
Achieving razor-sharp vision in metaverse
Epios Silver Winner of MassChallenge Switzerland 2021 accelerator