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French govt, hardline union fail to break impasse
EU to investigate Poland over logging in ancient forest
‘Dark mode’ “to be coming to iOS 10”
Microsoft to help track sales of legalised marijuana
Learner driver and supervisor test positive to drugs, SA
How to find out if your other half is cheating on you – according to the people who’ve been through it
Taliban using child sex slaves to kill police in Afghanistan
Switzerland withdraws longstanding application to join EU
‘Ferguson effect’ to blame? DOJ study points to ‘unprecedented’ homicide rise
Gravitational waves detected for 2nd time, opening door to ‘new era of astronomy’
NBCUniversal chief looking to revive “Shrek”
Kitten manages to travel an amazing 300 miles – by clinging onto a car’s BUMPER
Venezuela’s Maduro goes to court to block referendum
Obama to pay respects to Orlando massacre victims
Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion
To defend nation, Indonesia to give weapons training to Bali “gangsters”
Japanese ‘naked restaurant’ to ban overweight diners
Man charged after threatening phone call made to office building in Sydney
Apple announces major changes to the App Store
Nasa to map coral reefs from the air to show impact of climate change
Boston to host U.S.-China climate change summit in 2017
Snapchat rolling out changes to its Discover platform
EgyptAir plane lands in Uzbekistan due to bomb threat
Facebook to change the way you ‘tag’ people forever?
NY governor signs pro-Israel executive order to ‘blacklist’ BDS supporters
People smugglers offer fishermen ‘25 times’ regular pay to carry migrants across Channel
Sotheby’s to offer one of Modigliani’s finest portraits in private hands
Norway becomes first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation
Sadiq Khan wants to use holy month to reduce suspicion around Islam
Two injured in fail to stop crash in Campsie
Driver dubbed ‘worst learner ever’ after it took 39 attempts for him to pass his driving test
Pope Francis reveals new church law to deal with paedophile priests
Scientists to launch 10-year project for creating human genomes
Google working on ‘kill switch’ to prevent Terminator-style robot apocalypse
54% of US college athletes admit to raping their partners – survey
Facebook seeks to curb Zuckerberg’s majority control if he leaves
Trump a fit case for shrinks to examine: Hillary
‘IS fighters in Syria aspire to foreign plots’
France to declare state of emergency in regions hit by Fflooding next week
U.S. soon to announce deployment of anti-missile system in S. Korea
China asks foreigners not to interfere in religious affairs
A friendly sole? Little fish prefers company of humans as it refuses to swim out to lake
“Horns” helmer to direct romance drama “The Marquis”
Michael Grandage to helm remake of 1955 musical “Guys and Dolls”
Scientists just started teaching robots to feel pain
CIA to spill the beans on Top-Secret cold war spy ops
“Pitch Perfect 3” release pushed back to winter 2017
U.S. to host world’s largest maritime exercises with 27 countries