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UNRWA Criticized for Dismissing Teacher Promoting Terrorism
Hamas Protests UNRWA Ouster of Teacher for Terror Incitement
Hamas, Islamic Jihad Blast UNRWA for Suspending Teacher Over Incitement
UNRWA Staff Give Ultimatum Over Suspended Teacher’s Inciting Violence
World must hold NK accountable for human rights abuses: UN Testimony
UNRWA Responds to UN Watch, IMPACT-se Report
UN Testimony: World must act to protect Sepideh Gholian
UN Teachers Call To Murder Jews, Reveals New Report
UN Watch’s Top Tweets in February 2023
Iran Tries to Silence Testimony on Terror Support in UN Clash
U.N. Condemns Nicaragua Over Political Prisoner Félix Maradiaga
Exposed: Top UN Human Rights Official’s Hatred of Israel
UK MPs Debate UN Walkout on Iran FM
UN Watch’s Top Tweets in January 2023
EU Urged to Uphold Its Principles at Iran Human Rights Rally in Brussels
Activists Call for U.N. Walkout on Iran’s Rep at Human Rights Summit
Activists Urge Walkout at Iran FM’s UN HRC Address
Venezuela Intimidates Media During UN Rights Visit
Pakistan’s Human Rights Record Disputed Ahead of UN Review
Qatar Protests UN Watch Blocking ‘Hate Ambassador’ From Post
Positions Open for UN Inquiry on Iran Human Rights Abuses
UN Watch’s Top Tweets in December 2022
70% of U.N. Human Rights Council Members are Non-Democracies
Israel criticized most by UN in 2022
UN Watch Kicks Maduro Off Human Rights Council
Victory: Iran Expelled from U.N. Women’s Rights Commission
UN Watch’s Top Tweets in November 2022
UN Votes to Expel Islamic Republic of Iran from Women’s Rights Commission
UN Condemns Israel 15 Times, Rest of World 7
Hillel Neuer Confronts IRI at UN Urgent Session
UN Watch’s Top Tweets in October 2022
Russian Dissident To Send Message From Prison on Receiving Geneva Human Rights Award
Draft Resolution: deteriorating human rights situation in Islamic Republic of Iran
2022-2023 UNGA Resolutions on Israel vs. Rest of World
Majority in UN debate blast Navi Pillay’s inquiry for antisemitism, Israel bias
UN Watch Hails US Bid to Oust Iran from UN Women’s Rights Commission
UN resolution to expel Iran from women’s commission will pass 28 to 11
Dutch Senate calls to expel Iran from U.N. Women Rights Commission
U.S. opposes Iran on UN Women’s Commission, will “take close look” at how to expel regime
50 states at UN call out China for possible “crimes against humanity” against Uyghurs
Canadian Parliament Calls to Oust Iran From UN Women’s Rights Commission
2023 Morris B. Abram Graduate Fellowship with UN Watch in Geneva
New Zealand PM calls to expel Iran from U.N. Women’s Rights Commission
Rebuttal of Pillay Commission’s Report to UNGA
UN’s Pillay Commission Releases New Report Targeting Israel
Resolution to Expel Iran Regime from UN Women’s Commission
Chief of UN Human Rights Council Staff Targeted Watchdog, Leaked Emails Reveal
UN Watch’s Top Tweets in September 2022