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Combating deepfakes: Leading scholars to discuss doctored content and how to fight it
Researchers convert 2D images into 3D using deep learning
Carbon dioxide capture and use could become big business
UCLA Health partners with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on health and wellness
Study reveals how brain injury can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder
Many take anticoagulants and OTC supplements, which poses risk
Three UCLA scientists receive grants totaling more than $18 million
Mitochondria’s activity in lung tumors could predict response to treatment
Whether a fashion model or not, some body image concerns are universal
$6 million in gifts boosts entertainment law program
Health uninsurance rate in California remained low in 2018, survey finds
On water sustainability, L.A. County earns C+ from UCLA environmental report card
Creatine powers T cells’ fight against cancer
Ancient stars shed light on Earth’s similarities to other planets
Study focuses on repair and reversal of damage caused by Huntington’s disease
Astroonomer gets best look at first comet from outside our solar system
Antibody eradicates leukemia stem cells
California program is a good step toward coordinating care for high-needs patients, study finds
Clues from DNA could help predict growth of prostate cancer
Study confirms serious health problems, high trauma rates among unsheltered people in U.S
Researchers identify molecular process that could accelerate recovery from nerve injuries
UCLA hosts free moon viewing Oct. 5, with scientists to answer your questions
Study identifies therapeutic target for high blood pressure in lungs
UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television announces 2019-2020 theater season
UCLA to lead $25 million study of opioids in rural America
UCLA Anderson Forecast predicts slow growth but no recession
UCLA receives $20 million to establish UCLA Bedari Kindness Institute
What wolves’ teeth reveal about their lives
Engineered killer T cells could provide long-lasting immunity against cancer
Cost, wait time influence choice of health care setting for minor illnesses
Director of Athletics Dan Guerrero to retire in July 2020
3D virtual reality models help yield better surgical outcomes
Report outlines integrated strategy toward diversity and inclusion in Hollywood
MRI-guided biopsy best for determining future risk of prostate cancer, study shows
Low-cost device generates electricity using natural cooling phenomenon
Fowler Museum features objects from British Empire’s 1924-25 Nigerian Pavilion
UCLA is No. 2 U.S. public university in new global rankings by Times Higher Education
Transgender adults who experience discrimination more likely to attempt suicide
Black hole at center of our galaxy appears to be getting hungrier
UCLA-led research reveals potential treatments for deadly tropical disease
Neighborhoods getting new parks could prevent displacement with targeted policies
Two therapies cure rare genetic disease in mice
Soft-bodied swimming robot uses only light for power and steering
Higher suspension rates are linked to feeling less ‘connected’ at school
Study shows how serotonin and a popular anti-depressant affect gut’s microbiota
36% of proton pump inhibitor prescriptions for older adults may be unneeded
UCLA and Theseus AI announce license agreement for technology that interprets spine MRIs
UCLA Health earns federal innovation grant