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Inspired by their chance to make difference
Fed Combats Inflation as US and Calif. Economies Stall
Californians Struggle With Health Care Amid Housing Costs Spike
Immune Cell Study May Improve Immunotherapy
Evolutionary Medicine Offers Health Solutions
UCLA Law Hosts Historic International Human Rights Commission
UCLA Fall 2023 Apps Soar to Near-Historic Highs
Mysterious Object Drifting Toward Supermassive Black Hole
20-Year Study of Mexican Deportees Examines US Immigration Policy
Nationwide Prison Mortality Rates Soar During Pandemic: UCLA
Study finds only quarter of L.A. Metro bus stops offer shade
Civil Engineer Jonathan Stewart Discusses Earthquakes in Turkey, Syria
UCLA Astronomers Seek to Answer: Are We Alone?
California Medi-Cal Patients Reap Benefits of Whole Person Care
Pandemic Brings Hardship to Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders
UCLA Study Aims to Save SoCal Endangered Fish Species
Native American ‘Deaths of Despair’ Ignored in Health Talks
Aomar Boum: Cultivating scholarship and empathy in equal measure
COVID-Stress Leads to Poor Mental Health in Homes
Tickets for CAP UCLA spring programs go on sale Jan. 26
Telehealth Must be More Accessible for Patients During Pandemic
How 3 cm glass sphere could help scientists understand space weather
Ocean-Derived Molecule Could Combat Parkinson’s: Chemists
Fowler Museum showcases work focused on cultural inheritance, identity
How was solar system formed? Ryugu asteroid is helping us learn
Taking 12th grade math opens door to higher ed
Increased atmospheric dust is masking greenhouse gases’ warming effect
Migrating Birds: Disturbances in Magnetic Field Suspect
UCLA Scientists Streamline DNA Testing for Marine Species
Universities, rich in data, struggle to capture its value, study finds
Is it safe? Why some animals fear using wildlife crossings
L.A.’s Unofficial Cooling Centers Beat Heat
UCLA-developed soft brain probe could be boon for depression research
Homelessness is linked to higher risk of death from COVID in L.A. County
When using virtual reality as teaching tool, context and ‘feeling real’ matter
Some claim culture affects our basic visual perception. UCLA study takes fresh look
UCLA-led research could lead to more durable solar cells
UCLA report finds abortion bans have outsized impact on Latinas
Air for disadvantaged L.A. residents is more polluted, more toxic
3D-printed decoder, AI-enabled image compression could enable higher-res displays
UCLA expands dedication to protecting biodiversity, joins international nature coalition
Argentine ants will do anything for sugar, but they won’t do this
Wearable sensor could guide precision drug dosing
UCLA Anderson Forecast says resilient U.S. economy is approaching crossroads
Hammer Museum presents ‘Bridget Riley Drawings: From Artist’s Studio’
NSF awards funding to white scientists at higher rates than other groups, study shows
People with long COVID, those with other illnesses experiencing similar lingering effects
Hot-button political issues are having chilling effect on public schools