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Super funds return to earth as inflation spooks markets
Super members’ patience rewarded with 10 straight gains
Remarkable: 10th consecutive positive year is in sight
FE fundinfo purchase of Zenith Group completes with FIRB approval
Super funds on pace for double digit 2021
New TMD check functionality in Switching Tools available now
Chant West releases new Member Outcomes Dashboard features
FE fundinfo acquires Zenith Group
New financial year ……. and beat goes
Super funds post stunning 18% gain – second highest return ever
Super funds keep up pace with a 24-year record in sight
New super product aims to max retirees’ savings into tax-free fortnightly income
Chant West welcomes Galaxy team
Super funds in sight of a remarkable double-digit year
Another positive month for super as COVID bounce back continues
Recent comments about super need fact-based response
Positive return for 2020 is testament to resilience of super
November surge drives funds into black for 2020
Super back on track towards a positive 2020
Budget 2020: pros and cons of Frydenberg’s superannuation reforms
Super funds extend gains through August
Super funds make bright start to new financial year
Zenith completes acquisition of Chant West
A negative year, but a good result in circumstances
Super continues to claw back from COVID-19 lows
Super continues to claw back from COVID-19 lows
An April bounce but no light yet at end of tunnel
Chant West’s response to COVID-19
Super funds backtrack as pandemic triggers global asset sell-off
MLC Wealth platforms deliver greater value for clients and members
Zenith announces acquisition of Chant West, supporting growth ambitions of both businesses
Super funds hit ground running in 2020
Super funds deliver record-breaking tenth straight positive year
Super funds deliver ten straight positive years to break record
Super funds on brink of a record-breaking run
UniSuper picks up three Chant West Awards
April gains propel funds closer to another positive financial year
Super back in black as shares rebound
Chant West Awards help lift super industry standards
Catholic Super awarded Industry Super Fund of the Year 2018