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Scientists develop systems for improved latent fingerprint recognition
Researchers build powerful model to find new drugs
To track disease-carrying mosquitoes, researchers tag them with DNA barcodes
New data from James Webb Space Telescope reveals exoplanet atmosphere as never seen before
Scientists unravel mysteries of exoplanet atmosphere
NASA’s Web finds never-before-seen exoplanet atmosphere
Webb telescope shows exoplanet atmosphere as never seen before
NASA’s space telescope reveals exoplanet atmosphere as never seen before
James Webb reveals atmospheric secrets of exoplanet
New from JWST: Exoplanet Atmosphere as Never Seen Before
Exoplanet atmosphere never seen before
Scientists unveil functional landscape of essential genes
Volcanic activity and low ocean oxygen events linked to climate warming and rapid ice melt during last ice age, study finds
Volcanic activity and low ocean oxygen events linked to climate warming and rapid ice melt during last ice age
Police are responding to fatal crash – Holtze
Unclonable human-invisible machine vision markers using cholesteric spherical reflectors
Personalising mental health care
Artificial intelligence powers record-breaking all-in-one miniature spectrometers
Chew On This: Personalized Health Care for Mountain Gorillas
Individualized Fingerprints from Sleep Brainwaves Provide Powerful New Tool for Understanding Disease
Minister Hipkins way off mark on unlawful Police action
Taking biochemical snapshot of sea turtle health
Mapping human brain development
‘Our story’: Native American writers cultivate their craft
Researchers detect first definitive proof of elusive sea level fingerprints
Observations confirm model predictions of sea-level change from Greenland melt
Potential first traces of universe’s earliest stars
Spectral window into plants of past
Biosensor detects brain tumors with less than drop of blood
New window into plants of past
How old is that fingerprint?
Deformation fingerprints will help researchers identify, design better metallic materials
Understanding stress in Olympic athletes
Pioneering work on seafood provenance continues with progress on global approach
Chemical fingerprints could land biggest catch: seafood fraudsters
What killed dinosaurs and other life on earth?
Operation Ironside: NSW resident jailed for $1.7m money laundering offence
Physicists invoke cosmological collider to explain why matter, and not antimatter, dominates universe
NZ police response to joint IPCA/OPC investigation
Joint IPCA and OPC investigation recommends overhaul of Police privacy practices
QPS reviews police officer fingerprint data
Neolithic culinary traditions uncovered
Forcible Transfer of Ukrainians to Russia
What are Isotopes?
National Science Week 2022: Evolution of crime scene photography
CDC assisting Michigan and Ohio with E. coli O157 outbreak with unknown food source
Researchers Boost Sensitivity and Speed of Raman Microscopy Technique
National Science Week 2022: AFP opens search for next generation of forensic scientists