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Preeclampsia risk may be reduced by a healthy high-fibre diet
For these University researchers, mobile cinemas in China are a lens on society
Could flu deaths be relegated to history?
New tech teams to protect dolphins and create next generation of super strong aluminium
Scientists map huge variety of animal life cycles
Government to launch new modern slavery research centre
Study into needs of mobility scooter users among projects to win ARC funding
Anti-worm drug inhibits tumour growth and spread in mice
ANU helps secure world heritage status for jars of Laos
Patients with an ’empathic’ GP at reduced risk of early death
Nanoco developing new techniques to detect and treat cancer
New Technique Allows Real-Time Microscopy at High Heat and Loading
Help plan for health and wellbeing of our children
Nurses and lawyers’ heavy drinking study
High-tech centre open for business
Tiny nanocrystals create ‘brighter’ future for TV viewers, study finds
$5.6 million for research into healthy ageing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
New bionic eye prototype shows promise
Robot uses machine learning to harvest lettuce
Research funding of $1.19 million to evaluate alcohol harm reduction measures
University receives $1.6 million in ARC grants
Snapper stocks, mine sites in new research
Millions in ARC funding for successful UQ projects
ARC Linkage grants awarded to Fellows
CheckPoint study shows Aussie families get enough rest, but don’t always sleep soundly
Snapshot looks at health as a family affair
Children are not destined to inherit their parents’ weight problems
Children’s snacking habits mirror their parents’
Size does matter … when it comes to telomeres
Aussie pre-teens spend most of their day sitting still, study shows
Investing in innovative research
Support for returning researchers in Argentina
Unexpected consequences from catastrophic mangrove dieback
Eliminating waiting lists for cataract surgery prevents falls and is cost effective
Determined DNA hunt reveals exciting new schizophrenia clue
Genes could play a role in tooth decay and gum disease
Helping Citizens Critically Assess and Become Resilient Against Harmful Online
Canada invests in innovative discovery research at Université de Sherbrooke
Engineering enzymes to turn plant waste into sustainable products
New International Pension Research Association announced
Kiwi researchers’ vital work guided by refreshed Science Board
Spiraling Filaments Feed Young Galaxies
Competition leads to fathers who produce more male sperm
Solidifying Canada as a world leader in ocean engineering, technology, and science
UK-first as £960,000 project explores integration in Bristol
Gas fields show carbon storage is secure
UniSA thriving in World Young University rankings
Study of sexual orientation and mental health