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Russian-Chinese research team has sequenced genome of Thalictrum
Chemists synthesize psychotropic compound from rainforest tree
Researcher founding scientist of new biotech company launched with AUD$10m investment
How Food and Diet Impact Treatment of Disease
WHO establishes Global Centre for Traditional Medicine in India
Traditional Chinese medicine, Shengmai Yin, improves effects of radiation therapy
ICD-11 2022 release
WHO’s new International Classification of Diseases comes into effect
Research Enlightens Ethnobotanical Uses, Phytochemistry, Pharmacology and Conservation of Genus Calanthe
Bringing dry land in Sahel back to life
Give gift of biosecurity this Lunar New Year
Tigers end their days in high-pressure cookers
NSW company KL4 Pty Ltd fined $106,560 for alleged unlawful importation of Ayurvedic medicines
Ancient natural medicine could improve cancer treatment
Smuggling bear parts in Australia and NZ
WHO guidance to reduce illness due to lead exposure
New Discovery Indigenous projects leading innovative research
In Dialogue with Bolivia, Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Asks About Labour Market, and about Women
COVID-19 origins still a mystery
Digital records support preservation of bush medicine information
New molecule found in chestnut leaves disarms dangerous staph bacteria
COVID-19 origins still a mystery
WHO launches mobile application for Yoga
Cognitive care using medicinal plant peptides
Research Summarizes Up-to-date Ethnobotanical Uses, Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Distribution of Hydnora Species
Canada works with communities and organizations to support food security for Indigenous Peoples during COVID-19
Exeter academics author WHO “call to action” on nature, biodiversity and health
Health volunteers in Quiche, Huehuetenango and Izabal trained with UK funds
‘Undruggable’ cancer protein becomes druggable, thanks to shrub
There’s a lot more to Australia’s red cedar than timber
Researchers digitize massive collection of folk medicine
Vaccines help us focus on controlling virus
Having trouble sleeping? Here’s science on 3 traditional bedtime remedies
Turtles face ‘daunting future’ due to climate change, other factors
Turtles ‘in horrible shape’ with grim future due to rising sea levels
UK is helping indigenous communities in Peten to protect and use their ancient traditional medicine
Statement on Work to Eliminate Racism Against Indigenous Peoples in Healthcare Systems
Imports for Chinese New Year can leave bitter taste
Check before buying online products for Chinese New Year
Manasmithra Vatika Ayurvedic medicine
80% of Australians want a permanent ban on wildlife trade
Over 200 organizations call WHO for global ban on live wildlife markets