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Research brings hope for spinal cord injury treatment
New research may explain unexpected effects of common painkillers
Research offers clues to understanding infection mechanisms of lethal fungus affecting more than 100 crops
Volunteers needed to trial scar-less wound healing cream
Discovery offers new clues to lichens’ evolutionary advantage
Drugs for Celiac Disease May Be on Horizon
Novel supramolecular CRISPR-Cas9 carrier enables more efficient genome editing
Research links between obesity, age and body chemistry
Novel Method for Real-time Live Cell Imaging of Collagen Synthesis
Researchers investigate self-regulation of an enzyme with critical cellular functions
Study Sheds Light on Abnormal Lipidome Accumulation in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Using sound to control enzymatic reactions Sound
Ghost Mushroom Hunting
How equal charges in enzymes control biochemical reactions
How Do Seaweeds Polysaccharides Stimulate Microbial Activity to Achieve High Remediation Performance
Spinal oxygen sensors – SOS – critical sensors for when body has low to no oxygen
Novel method for real-time live cell imaging of collagen synthesis
Active resolution of inflammation: No evidence that specialized lipid messengers are involved
Study shows potential to reduce reliance on non-renewable fertilisers in agriculture
Silencing disease-causing genes
Robotics and AI used to stabilize enzyme that reduces scar tissue, increases tissue regeneration
Researchers Determine Critical Threshold of Dissolved Oxygen for Survival of Blue Mussel
After mating, fruit fly sperm are no longer fully male
Robust microorganisms for sustainable bioproduction
Shape of bacteria can make it more effective, and useful predator, says new study
Tryptophan blockers offer new way to kill bad guys
Mutant mice shed no tears
Paper discs that can pick up hydrogen peroxide
Novel baker’s yeast-mediated microwave-induced reduction of racemic 3-Keto-2-Azetidinones
Scaling laws in enzymes may help predict life ‘as we don’t know it’
Researcher says antimicrobial resin could lead to ‘more positive’ patient experience
Sensor monitors disease severity
New microorganisms and enzymes at play
‘E-nose’ could someday diagnose Parkinson’s disease by ‘smelling’ skin
How mRNA gets its final shape
Larvicidal flavonoids inhibit key enzyme in yellow fever mosquitoes
Genome-wide screen for human 60S biogenesis factors reveals role of polyamine metabolism
Researchers reveal largest catalogue of gene activators
Researchers Develop One-step Strategy to Synthesize Site-specific Antibody-drug Conjugates with LacNAc-based Substrates
Untangling DNA replication mystery may lead to new antimalarial drugs
New trial underway of Pharmaxis’ first-in-class LOX inhibitor
Plausible steps toward evolution of key protein fold of RNA polymerases
Ground-Breaking Study Reveals Dynamics of DNA Replication ‘Licensing’
Genes newly linked to longer human lifespan
Australians with severe dermatitis to benefit from PBS listing
Ribosomally derived lipopeptides containing distinct fatty acyl moieties
How Do Juvenile Oysters Affect Metamorphosis of Carnivorous Gastropod Rapana venosa?
Manchester lab develop more sustainable and rapid route to future medicines