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Biophysics: Droplets in motion
Mary Ellen Jones: Woman of Many Firsts
Mirror Molecules Modify Neuron Signaling
Enzyme ATE1 Implicates in Cellular Stress Response
MIDAS Platform Detects Protein-Metabolite Interactions
Nature Inspires Safe Hydrogen Peroxide Synthesis
No scaling, no impact
Novel Protein Lanpepsy Binds Lanthanides with High Precision
Detox Enzymes’ Evolution Traced
AI conjures proteins that speed up chemical reactions
Drug Reverses Key Schizophrenia Symptoms in Mice
CBD shows promise for reducing cigarette smoking
CBD May Help Cut Cigarette Smoking: Study
Enzymes Hijacked to Destroy Proteins Causing Disease
Purple Veggies Combat Diabetes: Study Finds
Researchers Uncover Control of Rice Grain Size via ER Protein Degradation
How to really reach students with online teaching
Engineering Enzymes Enable Direct Nitration of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
Call for comment on new sources for enzyme processing aids
NEMO Enables Communication in Immune, Nervous Systems
New Strategy to Get Nutrients in Low O2 Environments
Mechanical Forces Aid Nervous System Corrections
Enzyme Secures Genome Repair Success
Capturing carbon with both hands
Converting Poison to Edible Food
Full house at second TECH Cooking Studio
Strong, recyclable plastic
Acetobacterium Wieringae Y Degrades Isoprene Anaerobically
Hybrid Enzyme-Metal Catalysts Boost One-Pot Reactions
Protecting biocatalysts from oxygen
Enzyme Gene Expression Explored for Efficient Fungal Biomass Energy
Mapping Lactylome Uncovers Metabolic Adaptation in Liver Cancer
Novel Method for Regiodivergent, Enantioselective C-H Bond Hydroxylation
Fatty Acid Affects Sensitivity of Psoriasis Plaques to Heat, Pain
Pyrethroid Derivatives May Raise Malignancy Risk: Oncotarget
TRNA-MaP: Analyzing RNA Enzymes with Next-Gen DNA Sequencer
What’s your poison?
Systems analysis of renal metabolism finds unexpected links to viral protection
Plants can adapt their lignin using “chemical coding” enzymes to meet climate change
Novel Complex May Help to Modulate Lipid Metabolism
Zombie viruses on hijacking trip
Shedding new light on importance of critical photosynthetic pathway in plants
Developing alginate hydrogels that can support cell growth
Enzymatic synthesis of primary, secondary and tertiary amines containing two stereocenters
“I’m in my dream profession: ensuring that there will be enough food in future”
Oral deucravacitinib benefits patients with lupus
Untapped potential of RNA structures
Artificial intelligence makes enzyme engineering easy