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New hip for patient with rare neuromuscular condition
Orthopaedic surgeons not complying with advertising guidelines
COVID Catch-Up Plan To Deliver For Patients
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NYU Langone orthopedic surgeons present latest clinical findings and research at AAOS 2022
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Superhero substance used in new bone implants to combat infection
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Australia’s private hospitals essential to manage elective surgery surge
Bariatric Surgery and Complicated Reality of Weight Loss
When COVID delayed patients’ joint replacement surgeries, chatbot improved their mental and physical health
Cutting through hype on platelet-rich plasma
Updated Appropriate Surgery During Covid Pandemic Direction, South Australia
Robot ‘Makos’ difference
Gallic acid and stretching decrease osteoarthritis markers in cartilage cells
What if doctors could stop arthritis before it starts?
Research on shoulder arthritis gets Society funding
‘Landmark’ biomedical engineering hub launches in London
Telehealth-delivered diet and exercise program eased knee pain and triggered weight loss
New commentary paper highlights costs of defects in surgical care and calls for elimination of defects in value
Robotic surgery first for WA public hospital
Cartilage resurfacing implant reduces pain, restores hip joint function in dogs
PolyU develops groundbreaking and highly effective targeted osteoarthritis pain reliever
Smart dental implants
Nasal cartilage relieves osteoarthritis in knee
Biomedical engineers demonstrate potential for first clinically successful osteoarthritis drug
Possible new treatment for joint issues
Honour for ‘outstanding engineering research’
HKUMed designs novel nanoscale surface structure to accelerate implant-to-bone integration through immune coordination
Preoperative screening urinalysis is widely used-but usually unnecessary
Multimodal analgesia: new ‘standard of care’ for pain control after total joint replacement
Highways England plans £142 million investment to improve roads in South East
World watches surgeon’s ‘borderless teaching’
Highways England announces £218m investment to improve roads across East of England
New way to 3D-print custom medical devices to boost performance and bacterial resistance
Robotic surgery hits new milestone
UPMC Hosts Free Live, Virtual Event: Game Changing Joint Surgery
Prostheses List Reforms
Worse than death scores rise during pandemic
Guilak recognized for research in cartilage engineering
AMA working with Goverment on prostheses reform
Penn Medicine Marks One Millionth Telemedicine Visit Since Start of COVID-19 Pandemic
Alternate type of surgery may prevent total knee replacement
Osteoporosis drug could half number of redo hip replacement operations
Monitoring Patients Remotely Leads to a Fourfold Decline in Returns to Hospital After Joint Replacements
Art and Marine Biotech combine to help solve global plastics problem
NSW Police roll-up their sleeves for third annual ‘Bleed4Blue’ blood drive