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Osteoarthritis Relief Moves to Clinical Trial
Arthritis Crisis to Impact Community, Economy
Awards & Accolades 10 March
Preventing weight gain can help avoid total knee replacement: study
Avoid Knee Replacement: Prevent Weight Gain, Study Suggests
Mechanism behind osteoarthritis could inform new treatments
Horror elective surgery logjam threatens to blow-out to 500,000
Aspirin Prevents Deadly Complications in Fracture Patients
UPMC to Acquire Leading Clinic in Dublin
Researchers uncover new cell types involved in osteoarthritis
Mechanism Behind Osteoarthritis Could Lead to New Treatments
Metformin Reduces Risk of Joint Replacement for Type 2 Diabetics
Artificial Intelligence searches an early sign of osteoarthritis from an x-ray image
UC Davis Health adds to its collection of robotic technology
Alarm bells ring on bellwether private maternity hospital places
NSW Police roll-up their sleeves for fifth annual ‘Bleed4Blue’ blood drive
Trial shows benefits of two forms of ankle surgery for osteoarthritis
Trial reveals benefits of two forms of ankle surgery for osteoarthritis
Obesity linked to higher rate of knee replacement revisions
Why big, strong bum muscles matter for your overall health
South-West kids all smiles with paediatric dental surgery opening at Busselton Health Campus
Statement on Canada’s Support for International Cooperation on Antimicrobial Resistance
CRTAC1 is promising biomarker of osteoarthritis
Landmark clinical study reveals aspirin as effective as commonly used blood thinner to prevent life-threatening blood clots
New laser surface modification process with silver provides antimicrobial defense to titanium orthopedic devices
King’s gives older patients boost to get active
Sophisticated robot drives innovation across musculoskeletal care
Clinical trial reveals implantable shock absorber relieves knee pain, delays knee replacement
Action on faulty vaginal mesh took too long, now women struggle to access mesh surgery that works
Over 50 new surgical hubs set to open across England to help bust Covid backlogs
New way to control pain after knee replacement surgery
Surgeon praises team after robot milestone
Availability of convenient health care extends to Ohio State Outpatient Care Dublin
More investment to support Canberra hospitals
Surgeon clocks up Mako milestone
Big step forward’ in researching knee pain
Robot hip surgeons: new trial to test performance against humans
Change needed urgently, practitioners say
Most U.S. hospitals not sharing price information for joint replacement as required
UPMC to Partner with Hall of Fame Health to Serve Former Football Players and Families
Spinal Anesthesia Linked to Higher Painkiller Use in Hip Fracture Patients
Obesity lowering age for knee replacements
Comprehensive Care Program Helped Reduce Some Racial Disparities after Hip and Knee Replacement, Researchers Find
National Highways announces £167m investment to improve roads across South West of England
New Flexible and Tough Superelastic Metal Alloy Shows Promise in Biomedical Applications
Top hospitals blatantly violating price-transparency mandate, says Baker Institute report
Socioeconomic Disparities in Participation In Bundled Payment Programs
New hip for patient with rare neuromuscular condition