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COVID-19 impact on Australians
Write back writing workshops: Port Adelaide Enfield
COVID-19 lockdowns lead women to drink more
COVID-19 lockdowns lead Aussie and UK women to drink more
Wider applications for Vortex Fluidic Device
Artificial intelligence understanding fishy behaviour
New insomnia treatment gets nod
Soft drink adverts tap most vulnerable
Citizen Scientists to help in important national research projects
Immunity boost in gut
Delving into parent sport engagement
Warning on sleep change in older men
Promising new tech to protect grapes from smoke taint
Insecure housing and overcrowding risk children’s health
Soft drink ads target ‘vulnerable’
Sleep and screen time link to myopia
Is Closing Gap working?
NGUTU COLLEGE: Save Children’s Impact Investment Fund makes first investment
Tackling leading cause of blindness
Free help to quit smoking
New guide for families using aged care
National implementation shared-care trial to benefit men with prostate cancer
Viking ship burials shrouded in mystery
Red Cross prisons program leads to decrease in prisoner violence
Please explain: Why do sharks attack humans?
Macular Disease Foundation Australia awards $1 million to eight exciting research projects
Bronze Flinders finds “forever” home at Station Plaza
Children explain their food insecurity woes 18 May
Pregnant women require greater medication access
Nurses and Midwives Acknowledged for Excellence
Philippines cave art becomes first directly dated in Southeast Asia
Trigger warnings may prolong bad memories
Children explain their food insecurity woes
Mr Michael Riches to be nominated as Independent Commissioner Against Corruption
Assemblage support for creative artists
Clues to killer whale cluster
Patients liked telehealth during COVID-19
New gauge on weather forecasts
STEM Ambassadors to foster parliament’s links to science
Help for serious shopaholics
Plant microbiome discovery
Decoding effect of weight on breast cancer
Researchers map Australians who ‘sailed’ into deserts
Mapping ‘superhighways’ travelled by first Australians
Dolphins’ genetic response to virus
Raising bar on country dementia care
Burns victims struggling to pay
A local approach to business