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Solving mammal brain size puzzle
Pests wreak economic carnage of US$1.28 trillion
Exoskeleton trial for use in shipyards
Concern for judgement of autistic adults
Glaucoma linked to increased risk of dementia
When rock art meets machine learning
Technology can save Australians from shark bites
Giant fossil’s bird-brain
Junior sports uphill battle after COVID-19
Improving treatment of sleep disorders in primary care
Nullarbor kangaroo was able to climb trees
Morrison Government grows electronic warfare talent pipeline
Funding win for UOW energy and cybersecurity projects
ARC grants support bold research projects
Shell middens rewrite history of submerged coastal landscapes in North America & Europe
Support for problem gaming interventions
Ancient undersea middens offer clues about life before rising seas engulfed coast
Take care of precious seasonal water flow
Archaeologists discover ancient bone artefact
Hard to find good help for child sleep issues
Many health professionals not equipped to deal with sleep issues in kids
New insulation takes heat off
COVID-19 helps understand human impacts on marine organisms
Rural hospitals match city cancer surgery outcomes
Aussie kids can be vegie kids
Bushfire volunteers need more support after answering call 13 March
Progress with blood cancer diagnosis
Bushfire volunteers need more support after answering call
Research breakthrough for high-risk blood cancer patients
A new model for wildlife tourism
Skeletons reveal coevolution of humans & pathogens
New light on glaucoma gene discoveries
50% of Australians are prepared to pay more tax to improve aged care workers’ pay, survey shows
Why young refugees face challenges
Stings beat snake bite in injury league
Abortion is no longer a crime in Australia
New light shed on early evolution of limb bone marrow
DV history raises elder abuse risk: study
Bees responsible for most venomous bite and sting hospitalisations
Focus on mindfulness specifically for women
Putting gaming in PE mix
UNESCO listing for AusStage
Against odds, South Australia is a renewable energy powerhouse
10 lessons from virus crisis
Fishing ocean for new vegan ideas
International lab for robot + human advances
New partnership improving mental health services
Spotlight on rare disease research