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Climate change is shrinking and fragmenting salmon habitat
Automation builds bigger, better ice tower reservoirs for high, dry farming
Great Lakes levels are likely to see continued rise in next three decades
Tenochtitlán’s lessons for future of megacities
Melting accelerates for Greenland’s northern glaciers
Colorado River Basin’s worst known megadrought was 1,800 years ago, scientists discover
Changes in Gulf of Maine waters impact food web from bottom to top
Patagonia’s coast offers cool refuge for giant kelp
Tracking ancient earthquakes by taking temperatures of faults
Looking for life as we don’t know it at 2022 Astrobiology Science Conference
US forests provide 83 million people with half their water
Water scarcity predicted to worsen in more than 80% of croplands globally this century
New method can predict summer rainfall in US Southwest months in advance
Earliest geochemical evidence of plate tectonics found in 3.8-billion-year-old crystal
Olympic National Park’s glaciers could be gone by 2070
Seafloor spreading has been slowing down
Mounds of ice in craters give new insight into Mars’ past climate
Ancient helium leaking from core offers clues of Earth’s formation
Warming oceans are getting louder
On icy moon Enceladus, expansion cracks let inner ocean boil out
As oceans warm, marine cold spells are disappearing
New observations from ICESat-2 show remarkable Arctic sea ice thinning in just three years
Underwater noise causes hearing loss in turtles
Discarded disposable face masks pose threat to marine life
Deep-sea videos reveal secrets of swimming jellyfish cousins
Climate change drives rise in extreme lake water temperatures
“Blue Blob” near Iceland could slow glacial melting
Poorest people bear growing burden of heat waves as temperatures rise
Hidden magnitude-8.2 earthquake source of mysterious 2021 global tsunami
US household air conditioning use could exceed electric capacity in next decade due to climate change
Climate change has likely begun to suffocate world’s fisheries
New study improves understanding of Southern California’s intense winter rains
North Pole solar eclipse excited auroras on other side of world
Tsunamis’ magnetic fields are detectable before sea level change
Researchers identify new meteorological phenomenon dubbed “atmospheric lakes”
High-speed impacts may have shaped Venus’ history
Soils in old-growth treetops can store more carbon than soils under our feet
Illegal gold mining continues to harm Amazon ecosystem
Brood X Cicadas left their mark on soils
Covid lockdowns lessened global lightning activity
Burrowing critters increase risk of levee failure
Waterfall sounds used as telltale sign of water loss
Hurricanes expected to linger over Northeast cities, causing greater damage
Groundwater in California’s Central Valley may be unable to recover from past and future droughts
Carbon dioxide cold traps on Moon are confirmed for first time
Air pollution disproportionally affects people of color, lower-income residents in D.C
1,000 years of glacial ice reveal ‘prosperity and peril’ in Europe
Scientists discover large rift in Arctic’s last bastion of thick sea ice