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Penn State Researchers Lead AGU’s Natural Hazards Section
Nile River Delta Faces Existential Threats: Study
USC Study Reveals Existential Threats to Nile Delta
Princeton on ice: Documenting climate change at ends of Earth
NYC Jamaica Bay Flooding Tied to Dredging, Wetland Loss
Could Two Catastrophic Earthquakes in Turkey, Syria Have Been Predicted?
New land creation on waterfronts increasing, study finds
Tree Rings Forecast Increase in Extreme Wx for Pak/Afghanistan
China’s Lunar New Year exodus cools major cities
Half of US coastal communities underestimate sea level risks
Worst impacts of sea level rise will hit earlier than expected
Surprise magma chamber growing under Mediterranean volcano
NASA Says 2022 Fifth Warmest Year on Record, Warming Trend Continues
Using machine learning to help monitor climate-induced hazards
Using satellites to track groundwater depletion in California
Using deep learning to monitor India’s disappearing forest cover
Boxed baby formula powder contains microplastics
Biggest Marsquake was 5 times larger than previous record-holder
Amphibious houses and floating floors could help Bangladesh residents stay dry during flood season
Making waves: Oceanographer braves danger to unlock secrets of sea
Roof materials on Chicago buildings can substantially lower temperatures during heat waves
Signals from ionosphere could improve tsunami forecasts
GEMM Asia Summit Addresses Urgent Mega-City Crises
Droughts are associated with increase in suicides
Retiring fossil fuel power plants will free 2.6 billion cubic meters of fresh water yearly
Microbes can help prevent building collapse during earthquakes
These freeze-drying algae can awaken from cryostasis, could help spaceflights go farther
Harvesting Light to Grow Food and Clean Energy Together
Optica announces GEMM Asia Summit, hosted by National University of Singapore
Death Valley’s Ubehebe Crater reveals volcanic hazard areas are underestimated
Climate change will cause Pacific’s low-oxygen zone to expand even more by 2100
Understanding connection between oceans, atmosphere drive climate scientist’s work
Green stormwater control measures clean up urban streams
Carbon dioxide is shrinking uppermost atmosphere, prolonging life of space debris
Climate change is making Arba’een pilgrimage dangerously hot
Alaskan Adventure
Geophysicist Zachary Ross Named Packard Fellow
Faster-developing, Wetter Hurricanes To Come
Earthquake sensors warn of flooding and damage potential
Lab’s DART team recollect asteroid impact as NASA confirms mission altered asteroid’s orbit
Letting farmland recover may let air quality recover, too
UNM to host inaugural Research and Discovery Week in November
Study: Web-based tools can help Great Lakes region plan for potential influx of climate-change migrants
Glass microspheres aren’t answer for saving Arctic sea ice
End-Cretaceous asteroid caused massive global tsunami, peaking at mile high
Rainy days on track to double in Arctic by 2100
Hundreds of hospitals on Atlantic and Gulf Coasts at risk of flooding from hurricanes
Lead safety guidance lacking for urban farmers in many major US cities